Imagine being able to place adverts on your competitor’s website. You would increase awareness of your business, driving more traffic to your page and increasing potential revenue.

Our regional advertising advert system allows you to do this. We might not be able to put your ads on your competitor’s website, but we can place them on all business listings in your local area. Your ads are placed into your geographical region and are displayed on all ‘Unclaimed’ and ‘Basic’ directory listings. Banner adverts are included with our paid Featured listings and are displayed in the region that your Featured business is located.



Each region covers 1-5 UK postcode areas, see our interactive map to see where your advert will show.

Performance Tracking

See how your advert is performing from your advertising dashboard within your Training Mentor Business Account.

Our system provides live updates on the number of impressions and clicks, and a graph to track monthly performance. It also calculates click-through-rates and you can use this information to improve your ad’s performance.


Enquire Today

If you would like to take advantage of regional advertising on, you’ll need to upgrade your business listing. Get in touch today to find out more.

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