Target Page Advertising


Target Page Advertising allows you to purchase ad space on various non-commercial Training Mentor pages. Choose a page with content related to your business to maximise your click-through rate with relevant traffic.

Please note: to protect the impartial nature of our advice pages, we do not display ads for driving schools or training providers in Target Page Ads. To advertise this type of business, click here for Regional Advertising

Smart Optimisation

Target Page Ad spaces on Training Mentor are optimised to always be noticed. On desktop and tablet devices, your advert displays in the sidebar – in most cases visible ‘above the fold’. On mobile devices, your advert is displayed within the flow of the page content.

Advert spaces are fixed within the page and cannot be closed or hidden (no pop-up ads here!).


Track Performance

See how your advert is performing from your advertising dashboard within your Training Mentor Business Account.

Our system provides live updates on the number of impressions and clicks, and a graph to track monthly performance. It also calculates click-through-rates and displays helpful information such as the expiry date of adverts.


Enquire Today

If you think Target Page Advertising can help your business, get in touch today for a free quote. Or if you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.