HGV licence – what is it? [Complete guide]

What is an HGV licence? An HGV licence (officially known as an LGV licence) allows the holder to drive a variety of lorries. The term HGV, which stands for Heavy Goods Vehicles, has now officially been replaced by LGV (Large Goods Vehicle). However, many people still use the term ‘HGV’. There are two main types […]

What should your Driver CPC cost?

When we’re asked the question “What should my Driver CPC cost?”, the first response is always: “it depends on which type of Driver CPC you need.” Are you a new HGV/PCV driver, or have you held your licence for a number of years? If you’re a new driver, when did you pass your car test? […]

Best HGV theory software and apps

In order to be able to get an HGV licence, you must first pass your theory tests. These tests are similar to those that car drivers take before their driving test, but with added questions more relevant to the subject. For this reason, you should consider practicing using specialised HGV theory questions. In this article, […]

HGV Training Prices

This guide will help you understand HGV training prices so you know what to look for when booking. There are a few stages involved with getting your HGV licence and it’s useful to know how much each part should cost so you know you’re not getting caught out. All-in, an HGV training course should cost […]

Five myths about HGV training courses

The HGV training industry can be a confusing place for a newcomer. There are many companies offering HGV training courses with different prices and options. But which one is best? How long does it take to train, and how does an 8 speed gearbox work? Our aim is to ensure new HGV drivers are equipped […]

How much does HGV training cost?

If you’re considering becoming an HGV driver, you may have already discovered the minefield of information available on the internet about the subject. As the industry’s impartial advice provider, one of the most common questions we get asked is: “how much does HGV training cost?” In general, HGV training courses cost between £1000 and £2500 […]

Avail – the app for HGV driving jobs

For a long time the road haulage industry has struggled to attract young talent. With the average age of a lorry driver in the UK currently at around 55, there is clearly room for some fresh faces – not only in the driving seat but throughout the sector as a whole. Fortunately, in the last […]

The 10 Best HGV Test Centre Pass Rates

Everyone who’s ever passed a driving test can remember the incredible relief at hearing those magic words “I’m pleased to tell you you’ve passed.” For many people taking HGV tests, hearing these words often means a new career awaits too, which further increases the significance. But where in the UK would you statistically be most […]

Top 10 reasons for HGV driving test fails

Failing a driving test is one of those experiences you never forget. Getting to the end of the test only to hear the examiner utter the dreaded words: “I’m sorry but you haven’t passed”. You’re handed a copy of your test report (DL25) showing the faults recorded that will help you understand where you went […]

An industry in need of people

Road Transport firms across the UK and Europe are quickly heading towards a crisis. According to new research from Transport Intelligence, a leading global logistics market research organisation, there is a growing driver shortage crisis of over 150,000 unfulfilled jobs across Europe. There are already trucks parked at locations across Europe with no drivers for […]

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