The best smartphone apps for HGV drivers

If you’re one of the many HGV drivers who own a smartphone, are you maximising its full potential? We have created a list of the best smartphone apps for HGV drivers that will aid you in your work. If you use an app we haven’t listed and feel it benefits you as an HGV driver, […]

Hero truck driver receives award for preventing tragedy

A hero truck driver has been awarded for her brave actions which prevented tragedy. DHL driver Dawn Leonard was driving on the M5 in Somerset when she noticed something wrong ahead of her: “There were lots of cars stopping and I could see a lorry in the outside lane that seemed to be in some […]

Truckers park under bridge to prevent suicide attempt

Truck drivers in the US helped Michigan state police officers deter a suicidal man who was threatening to jump from a bridge onto a motorway. The incident happened on the morning of Tuesday 24th April (local time). The incredible photos show the strategic response, which has been used before. Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw […]

Always remember to lower the car transporter deck!

If ever there were the ultimate cautionary tale about what can happen if you forget to check your vehicle height before travelling, this is it: always remember to lower the car transporter deck! The driver of this HGV carrying brand-new Range Rovers got the shock of his life on Wednesday morning after commencing his journey […]

Avoid getting ripped off when booking HGV training

Making the decision to undertake HGV training is a big commitment. There is a considerable amount of time and money that needs to be dedicated to the process. You will need to study for theory tests, attend a medical examination, complete an intensive training course and a practical driving test. You may already know all […]

HGV Training Brokers

If you are considering training as an HGV(LGV) driver then this guide is for you. If you have spent any time looking at the various options available, you will no doubt have noticed that there are many companies that offer HGV training courses. But which one is right for you? Do they all offer the […]

Finding HGV Driving Jobs

Once you have completed all the necessary steps to become a fully qualified Category C HGV driver, it’s time to start looking for HGV driving jobs. However, one of the issues sometimes faced by newly qualified drivers is finding a company who will employ them with no experience. This issue seems to have eased somewhat […]

Driver CPC Part 4

The Practical Demonstration Test (also known as the Driver CPC Module 4 Test) is designed to assess the practical application of your knowledge of the subjects you studied for your Driver CPC Part 2 Case Study theory test. To find out more about the syllabus for Driver CPC, click here. Please note, you must have […]

After The HGV Driving Test

At the end of the test, your Examiner will inform you if you have been successful. You may have your Instructor present at this time who will be able to listen to any faults recorded and give you follow-up advice. This is especially important if you have failed the HGV driving test. If you have […]

HGV Tests Part 2 (3a and 3b tests)

The 3a and 3b HGV tests On 15th November 2021, the HGV driving test was split into two parts known as 3a and 3b. The 3a test covers the off-road exercises and 3b covers the road driving element. You must pass the 3a test before you can book the 3b test. The benefit of this […]

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