Meet our members: Steve Shaw, Shaw’s Driver Training

In this instalment of our Meet the Members feature, we chat with Steve Shaw, owner of Shaw’s Driver Training in Telford. Steve has been a premium member of TrainingMentor.co.uk for a little over 6 months now, and here you can read all about the man behind the company. TM: How long you have been running […]

Top 10 mistakes when booking HGV training

With the transport and logistics sector being such a key part of our economy, you’d be forgiven for thinking that companies that provide HGV training are heavily regulated and the chance of getting caught out by a dodgy company would be an unlikely thing. Sadly however, this is not the case. The HGV training industry […]

Anyone can legally park on your drive

A shocked homeowner woke up to discover a stranger’s car parked on her driveway, before calling the police and finding out the law was not on her side. Natalie Robbins of Kingston upon Hull took a photo of the Vauxhall Zafira and uploaded it to Facebook asking: “Does anybody know whose car this is? Been […]

How to claim for pothole damage

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to incur pothole damage to your car, you’ll know how frustrating it is to have to fork out for repairs for damage caused by poor quality roads. Sometimes, even seemingly minor holes can cause damage to your tyres, wheels, suspension or steering. Hit one at speed and the damage can […]

Why are learners on the motorway now?

As you no doubt will be aware, a week ago new rules were introduced which allow learners drivers to practice on the motorway in England, Scotland, and Wales. We feel it is important to give our view on this subject from the perspective of our industry, as the vast majority of our website readers are […]

Drivers given £2500 tickets for parking the wrong way

Traffic wardens are clamping down on drivers who break a relatively unknown Highway Code rule. As part of a national crackdown, fines of £1000 are being issued to car owners, while drivers of goods vehicles can receive a penalty of £2500 for the same offence. The charge relates to parking vehicles on the street during […]

Video: Lorry full of chocolate overturns

This incredible video shows the aftermath of an accident involving a lorry, which overturned spilling 12 tons of liquid chocolate onto the road. The incident occurred on the A2 motorway near Wrzesnia in Poland on 9th May. The delicious cargo ended up spread across six lanes, however, the impact on traffic was minimal as the […]

New ‘Operation Stack’ plans announced

Residents and business owners in Kent have welcomed new plans to improve traffic conditions in the county when cross-channel operations are disrupted. Operation Stack was first introduced in February 1988 and has seen multiple changes and improvements throughout its history, but the latest changes planned will involve introducing a contraflow system to allow drivers to […]

Do you remember when trucks used to look like this?

Who remembers when trucks used to look like this? This fascinating public information video from 1965 shows a comparison between two lorry drivers and their working styles. The film was made to educate drivers on the best practices when driving large vehicles, and although it was made over 50 years ago a lot of the […]

How to get your HGV licence

If you’re thinking of a career change and the idea of driving an HGV appeals to you, then this guide is for you. The internet can be a minefield when searching for advice on this subject, therefore it can be hard to know who to trust when looking to get your HGV licence. We pride […]

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