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Welcome to Training Mentor. We are the UK’s only HGV training directory and review site. Our number one aim is to put you in touch with a reputable training provider in your local area and ensure that you:

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Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who claim to be HGV training providers but don’t actually own any vehicles or employ any instructors!

Fortunately, all of Training Mentor’s trusted members are genuine, local businesses with a focus on quality and value. If you choose to book with one of our members, you can be sure you are booking directly with a training school and not paying a middleman.

We recommend getting in touch with your local Training Mentor member to ask any questions you may have including prices, available dates, plus anything else you can think of. Get in touch with your local school by leaving your details below. A representative will be in touch to give you FREE, no obligation advice and answer any questions.

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