C1 Ambulance Theory Test

In order to be able to take a Category C1 Driving Test, first you must pass the C1 Ambulance Theory Test – which is divided into two parts:

  • Multiple Choice Questions (Part 1a)
  • Hazard Perception (Part 1b)

The C1 ambulance theory test element of your journey is designed to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge to become a safe driver. The tests are taken at a test centre local to you. You will be able to check your nearest centre when booking.

Preparation For The Multiple Choice Questions Section (Part 1a)

The subjects covered in the Multiple Choice Theory Test are:

  • Vehicle weights and dimensions
  • Drivers’ hours and rest periods
  • Braking systems
  • Incidents, accidents and emergencies
  • Vehicle defects
  • Leaving the vehicle
  • Vehicle loading and handling
  • Restricted view
  • Documents
  • Environmental issues
  • Other road users
  • Road signs and markings

You may find some of the subjects seem irrelevant to you. This is because the Category C1 theory test is the same as the Category C (HGV) theory test. You can find online theory test revision packages. Some of these are free to use, and other premium versions offer paid access. The test itself is made up 100 questions, of which you will need to answer at least 85 correct to pass.

Get The Most From Your C1 Ambulance Theory Test Preparation

It is important to not just focus on taking practice tests but to spend time learning to ensure that you completely understand the subjects. If you find a particular subject difficult to remember, try drawing pictures and doodles to help visualise the answers. When on the road, look around and try to notice road markings and road signs: seeing these in real-life situations will help you to remember what they mean.
Try to set aside a time regularly when you can practice. New information tends to ‘stick’ when you break away from practicing and rest, so it is much more effective to do a small amount of study each day than one long session a week.

Please note, many training courses packages will include booking your theory test for you.

When you’re ready to take your C1 Ambulance Theory Test

Once you’ve reached a standard where you feel you are ready, it’s time for booking a C1 theory test. There is usually a wait of at least a week, which will provide additional study time. You must pass the Part 1 Theory Tests before you can take your Category C1 Driving Test. To book your Theory Test, visit the GOV.UK booking website. The test costs are provided below. Please note, many training courses packages will include booking your theory test for you.

Theory test costs

  • 1a (Multiple Choice Questions) £26
  • 1b (Hazard Perception)£11

We strongly advise that you do not book through any other website as you may pay more or be subject to more restrictive terms than if you had booked directly.

Useful Links

If you have a disability or health condition you should mention this when booking. You can also ask for an English or Welsh voiceover, or for extra time during the Multiple Choice Questions part of the test if you have difficulty reading.

When you arrive at the Test Centre

You will need to report to reception to let the test centre staff know you are there. They will check your driving licence, please note that if you do not have this with you will not be able to take the test. You can’t take personal items into the test room with you. This includes things like:

  • bags
  • earphones
  • mobile phones
  • watches

You have to store any personal items in a locker. The test centre staff will check if you have anything with you that could be used to cheat. Your test won’t go ahead if you don’t let them check.

The Multiple Choice Questions Section (Part 1a)

Before you start the multiple choice test, you can have a 15-minute practice session if you want to get used to the format of the test. In the test there are 100 questions: you’ll need to get at least 85 correct to pass. You’ll have 1 hour 55 minutes for this part of the test.

The multiple choice questions appear on-screen and you’ll use the mouse to choose the correct answer. For some questions you’ll need to select more than one answer – there’ll be a message if you don’t choose enough answers. If you aren’t sure about any of the questions, you can ‘flag’ them and come back to them later.

The Hazard Perception Section (Part 1b)

You can watch a short video before you start the test, showing you how the test works.
You’ll need to click the mouse when you see a developing hazard (ie something that would need you, the driver, to take some action such as changing speed or direction): the sooner you spot the hazard, the more points you’ll score. You can score up to five points for each hazard.
You’ll need to score at least 67 out of 100 points. Each film shows one hazard apart from one film, which has two. If you click the mouse too much or if you click in a pattern, you’ll be given a warning message and you’ll score no points for that film.

Getting your results

You’ll be given your results shortly after you’ve finished the theory test. If you pass, you’ll be given a letter, and a certificate will be sent to you by post. Make sure you keep this safe because you may be asked for it when you attend your driving test.
Your theory test certificate is valid for two years. If you don’t pass your practical test in that time, you’ll have to take the theory test again before you can take the practical test. If you don’t pass the theory test, you’ll need to wait at least three working days before you can retake it. Use this time to do some more preparation.

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