Choosing An HGV Training Provider

Finding the right HGV training provider is key to getting the best from your training. It is important that you not only find a good quality training company but one with whom you can work well. Training Mentor’s directory of HGV training providers helps you find local businesses who can help you learn, but before you begin your search, make sure you read this page so you know what to look for when making that all-important decision.

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Finding an HGV Training Company

The most important thing to know when searching for HGV training is that the industry is dominated by brokers. A broker takes your booking (and money) and then passes the job of training you to an actual training provider. Sadly, this means that you will almost certainly pay more than if you were to book directly with the provider and once you have booked you will have no choice over which training provider you are sent to – normally, this will be the cheapest one available. The topic of brokers is a controversial one in the HGV training industry and we have put together a guide specifically on this subject. To read the guide, click here. A broker even featured on BBC’s ‘You’ve Been Scammed’.

Usually, when using a search engine to find an HGV training provider, the top results displayed are brokers. To avoid getting caught out make sure you search using Training Mentor’s HGV training provider directoryWe do not list any brokers so you know there is no risk of getting caught out by a middleman.

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We strongly advise visiting a training company before paying for your course. You will be able to see their facilities and have a look at the vehicles they use. You may also be able to meet an Instructor and ask any questions you have face to face. If a company refuses to let you visit their premises before you hand over your hard-earned money, walk away.

Your checklist

  • Good reputation – look for customer reviews and recommendations
  • Not pushy – a good training provider will not rush you to make a decision
  • Visit the premises in person – meet the staff and have a look at their vehicles
  • Book direct – click here for our guide on training brokers
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Sections in the ‘Getting Your HGV Licence’ guide

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