Provisional HGV Licence – How To Apply

To start the application process

Getting your provisional Category C (also known as a Class 2) licence is the first step to starting a career as an HGV driver. It allows you to drive rigid goods vehicles with a gross weight in excess of 7.5 tons while accompanied by an Instructor or Supervising Driver.

Before you apply, please ensure that you:

  • hold a full Category B (car) driving licence
  • are at least 18 years old*
  • can pass a driver medical check

To apply for your provisional Category C licence, you will need to submit two forms to the DVLA – D2 and D4.
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Application forms

The D2 application form

Your application to the DVLA for your provisional licence is submitted using this form. You will need to complete this form yourself using the guide which is included in the envelope with the form itself. You will need to tick the ‘Category C’ box.

The D4 medical form

When you attend a driver medical assessment your D4 form will be completed by a doctor. Medicals can be booked through various suppliers, however it is worth checking to see if one is included with your HGV training. A medical may be included as part of a package deal by your training provider. Once both forms have been completed you should send them to the DVLA. Your provisional Category C licence will be sent to you normally within three weeks. There is no charge for this service.

Further reading at GOV.UK
*Minimum age is 21 if you are not gaining a Driver CPC qualification

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