Finding HGV Driving Jobs

Once you have completed all the necessary steps to become a fully qualified Category C HGV driver, it’s time to start looking for HGV driving jobs. However, one of the issues sometimes faced by newly qualified drivers is finding a company that will employ them with no experience. This issue seems to have eased somewhat in the last decade. There are now many companies that will take on newly qualified drivers.

We recommend putting together a CV and contacting local businesses. Always be upfront and let them know you are inexperienced, don’t be tempted to hide it. Some companies have terms in their insurance that won’t allow them to employ drivers with less than a certain amount of experience. If this is the case, you won’t get past the licence check stage! One of the most common routes into work for new HGV drivers is through the food service sector. This involves delivering food to shops, pubs, hotels, etc. This type of work can be quite physically demanding, however it is often well paid. We are aware of companies paying new drivers over £30,000 a year which is a great rate for anyone holding a new qualification in any field.

Search for a local training company


Alternatively, you could try registering with an employment agency. Please be aware that this work is never guaranteed, so don’t rush to quit a steady job for the sake of wanting experience on the road. The main benefit of agency work is you may be able to try a variety of companies in a short space of time which can help you understand what type of work you prefer.

Matching service

Another option is to register with an employment matching service such as Avail. They can register your details and try to match you with potential employers. The difference between this and an agency is you are still employed by the transport company. With agencies, you work for the agency itself and they are responsible for paying you.


Online job finder

Search online job listings on websites such as Jooble, which list 100s of HGV driving jobs.


Sections in the ‘Getting Your HGV Licence’ guide

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