After The HGV Driving Test

At the end of the test, your Examiner will inform you if you have been successful. You may have your Instructor present at this time who will be able to listen to any faults recorded and give you follow-up advice. This is especially important if you have failed the HGV driving test.

If you have passed

Your Examiner will issue you with a pass certificate and ask you if you’d like to have your full licence sent to you automatically. If you choose to take this option, the Examiner will take your provisional licence and arrange for your new licence to be posted to you. This is the easiest and fastest option.
It can take up to three weeks for the new licence to arrive, so if you will need it in this time e.g. for other tests keep hold of it. You will need to post it to DVLA yourself.

If you have not been successful

If your examiner records more than 15 driving faults (minors) during your test or at least one serious or dangerous fault, you will have failed the HGV driving test. Click here to find out more about the marking process. The Examiner will explain the reason(s) for any faults recorded to help you when preparing for your next test. If your Instructor is present, they will also be able to listen to the Examiners advice which will be useful when you take your next lesson.
You will also be emailed a copy of your test report which shows the faults recorded and contains information about them on the back. You must wait 3 working days before re-taking the test, so use this time wisely and spend time with your Instructor working on any issues you may have.

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