Getting your C1 Ambulance Driving Licence

If you’re currently training to be a paramedic, you may need to pass a C1 driving test. The C1 licence category permits you to drive a vehicle weighing up to 7.5 tons. Usually, ambulances weigh more than what’s allowed on a car licence, hence the need for a separate category. The process of obtaining your C1 ambulance driving licence involves a few steps, and this guide is designed to help you through the journey. We have broken the process down into steps which contain all the necessary information. We’ve also included various useful tips and hints. Of course, as always with Training Mentor, all our information is impartial and trustworthy.

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as always with Training Mentor, all our information is impartial and trustworthy.

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At Training Mentor we provide all the tools you will need along the way, starting with this helpful step-by-step guide. And when you’re ready, our Directory of C1 Training Companies will help you find trusted, local training providers willing to help you in getting your C1 ambulance driving licence. All feedback on TrainingMentor.co.uk is verified so you can be sure you’re booking with a reputable company.

We know that it’s easy to get confused when getting your C1 licence. That’s why our aim is always to be the number one source of impartial information. We’re always open to questions too, head over to our Facebook page or send us an email at [email protected]. We’re always happy to help, giving you the right advice or helping you find the right training for your needs.

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