Preparing for C1 Ambulance Driver Training

While you’re waiting for your provisional licence, why not get started preparing for your C1 Ambulance Driver Training? There are many ways you can do this, including:

The Official Highway Code

The Highway Code is a set of information, advice, guides and mandatory rules for all road users in the United Kingdom. Its objective is to promote road safety. It is available as a book, downloadable PDF, or as an app from the iTunes Store.
 Alternatively, you can try the following sources.

  • Read the Highway Code online at GOV.UK
  • Sign up to the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency’s email updates service
  • Like The Official Highway Code Facebook Page
  • Follow @highwaycodeGB on Twitter

Know Your Traffic Signs

This useful book contains everything you need to know about road signage, and combined with The Official Highway Code will help you prepare for both the theory tests and practical C1 ambulance driver training.

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