The C1 Ambulance Driving Test

When preparing for your C1 ambulance driving test, it is advisable to take a driving assessment to find out how many hours of training will be required to reach the necessary standard. C1 driving courses are normally run over 2-5 days, therefore once you have started training, it is not feasible to move a test […]

C1 Ambulance Theory Test

In order to be able to take a Category C1 Driving Test, first you must pass the C1 Ambulance Theory Test – which is divided into two parts: Multiple Choice Questions (Part 1a) Hazard Perception (Part 1b) The C1 ambulance theory test element of your journey is designed to ensure that you have the necessary […]

Choosing a C1 Ambulance Training Provider

Finding the right C1 ambulance training provider is key to getting the best from your training. It is important that you not only find a good quality training company but one with whom you can work well. Training Mentor’s directory of C1 driver training companies helps you find local businesses who can help you learn, […]

Preparing for C1 Ambulance Driver Training

While you’re waiting for your provisional licence, why not get started preparing for your C1 Ambulance Driver Training? There are many ways you can do this, including: The Official Highway Code The Highway Code is a set of information, advice, guides and mandatory rules for all road users in the United Kingdom. Its objective is […]

Applying for a C1 Ambulance Provisional Licence

To start the application process Getting your Category C1 ambulance provisional licence is the first step to starting a career as a paramedic. It allows you to drive rigid vehicles with a gross weight up to 7.5 tons while accompanied by an Instructor or Supervising Driver. Before you apply, please ensure that you: hold a […]

Getting your C1 Ambulance Driving Licence

If you’re currently training to be a paramedic, you may need to pass a C1 driving test. The C1 licence category permits you to drive a vehicle weighing up to 7.5 tons. Usually, ambulances weigh more than what’s allowed on a car licence, hence the need for a separate category. The process of obtaining your […]

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