Good company, terrible instructor

Ben Shaw Training Ltd

Had recommendations from friends to use Ben Shaw Training, everything was very professional and you can tell the set up is really good and the location.

Unfortunately the instructor Liz had was absolutely terrible, the worst instructor/teacher I’ve ever come across to be frank. Throughout the training, she spoke all the time about her home life, which is fine but caused me distractions and one second would be telling me about her previous evening and the next second screaming her head off that I’m doing something incorrect.

She just shouts at you for no reason, you’re literally training to drive and you’re being shouted at for doing something incorrect, kept telling me there’s no chance I’ll pass my practical test making me have no confidence, and also using her phone numerous times when I was driving which is actually illegal for an instructor to do.

I’d not recommend using Ben Shaw based on my experience with this instructor, made me feel uncomfortable, not confident in driving and complete lack of instructing skills. My normal driving instructor never shouted once at any pupil his ever had and I passed with him after 15 lessons.

Facilities / Equipment
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