Hgv class c with data academy

Data Academy Ltd

Excellent, just passed my my class c today.
I’m not normally one for giving or reading reviews but on this occasion ill make the effort.
Absolutely brilliant from start to finish, the way they set your training up to booking your test, data academy are different in many areas but one of the key points is, they pre buy tests, now for them this is a bit risky as they may not have a pupil on test on that day, but they still continue to pre book tests, so I started my training on the friday and my test was already booked for the Thursday , then I failed my 1st attempt (missed a weight restriction sign post) and they already had pre booked tests, so we’re able to get me a re test 10 days later rather than 3 months later.
The trainers were brilliant, I had Nick and Eddie, both diffrent people with diffrent styles but both Excellent, it really doesn’t matter which instructor you get,
Then there’s the office staff Dorian and Rachel that organise you from start to finish and if you fail, pick you up put you on your feet get you a re test, give you more training where required etc.
Can’t speak highly enough, I checked out 3 others before settling on Data academy, I strongly advise you just got with Data Academy. I didn’t regret it and neither will you.

Facilities / Equipment
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