Helpful lorry driver gets abused by motorists

Last week a helpful lorry driver was ‘hurled with abuse’ while blocking traffic on the M25 to help a stranded motorist. The driver had crashed her car close to junction 5 near Sevenoaks on May 2nd at around 5.30pm. Lorry driver Sam Nesbitt arrived at the scene just after the woman’s car had careered into the central reservation and back into the middle of the busy traffic.

Sam didn’t see the accident and said when he arrived: “She was facing sideways between lanes two and three and nobody else seemed to be stopping.” Thanks to his quick thinking, he stopped and blocked the traffic to prevent anyone hitting the stranded car with the terrified woman still inside. He said “They would cause a lot less damage if they hit my 44-ton lorry. Cars weren’t even slowing down. They were swerving to avoid hitting her at the last minute. I got out to help her and call the ambulance.”

When the Highways Agency arrived, they thanked Sam for his help and thoughtfulness, but not everyone was as happy with his actions. “I was getting abuse over it from car drivers, but I thought I was doing the right thing and still think I did,” said Sam.

The accident was cleared by 6.30pm, but traffic remained backed up for some miles in the clockwise direction.

We commend Sam for his actions that helped protect another user in a very dangerous situation.

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