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Readers of popular motoring magazine AutoExpress may have spotted a mention of Training Mentor in a recent online article about HGV driving. The feature, titled ‘What’s it like to be an HGV driver?’, provided readers with a great insight into what it’s like to drive a truck. AutoExpress writer Dean Gibson wrote of his experience trying out handling a large goods vehicle for the first time, with other AutoExpress staff, at the MAN Truck & Bus fleet event at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

The article provided a detailed description of the experience from the point of view of someone completely new to the industry: before attending the event, Dean had never driven anything larger than a van. If you’re wondering what it’s like driving a truck, we recommend checking out the piece for yourself. It covers many topics, including different chassis types, the drivers viewpoint and mirrors, handling, and even fuel efficient technology.

always give trucks room at junctions. They might see you, but they still need the space to turn

Getting some insight

It is clear that Dean and the AutoExpress guys gained some valuable insight into what it takes to be an HGV driver – ‘driving long distances is all about maintaining momentum, so if you see a truck attempting to pull out ahead of you, give them space – they’ll save fuel by keeping going, and you’ll only be inconvenienced for the shortest time. And always give trucks room at junctions. They might see you, but they still need the space to turn, so give them a wide berth, especially when they’re reversing’, Dean wrote.

The feature was rounded off with advice to anyone looking to undertake HGV training, with top tips from Paul on getting the best deal. Naturally, the only place to go when looking for HGV (or any type of transport) training, is Training Mentor! Click here to check out the article for yourself.

For more information about finding the best HGV training in your area, check out our list of the Top 10 mistakes people make when booking HGV training.

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