Five myths about HGV training courses

The HGV training industry can be a confusing place for a newcomer. There are many companies offering HGV training courses with different prices and options. But which one is best? How long does it take to train, and how does an 8 speed gearbox work? Our aim is to ensure new HGV drivers are equipped with the right information throughout the process. We don’t only help you find companies that offer HGV training courses. We also have lots of useful guides on everything you need to know. In this article we disprove some common myths that people have about HGV training courses.

Myth 1: It takes a long time to learn to drive an HGV

False. Often people assume that learning to drive an HGV takes many lessons, like when you learn to drive a car. When learning to drive a car you’re also learning how to use the roads. When you get into a lorry to learn how to drive it, you already know how to drive. You know what road signs mean, how to use roundabouts etc.
All you’re learning in the truck is how to control it and any adjustments you need to make to your driving style.

Myth 2: The process of getting your licence is complicated

False. When looking at HGV training courses, you may find the process seems difficult. There are a few steps you need to take and this may confuse you. Be assured that when you book HGV training courses, the company you book with will help you along the way. We also have lots of helpful information on this site for you to read. The following articles may be very useful to you:

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Myth 3: Brokers are the only companies who will guide you through the process

False. As mentioned in the previous point, any good training school will be able to help you through the process. We have heard stories of brokers telling customers that if they book direct with a training school they will have to take care of their own medical and theory test bookings. This is likely an attempt to convince the trainee that they should book with the broker. You do not need to book with a broker to have someone help you through the process!

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Myth 4: I have to learn a complicated gearbox

No, you don’t. A few years ago, the rules were relaxed. This means you can now train and test in an automatic HGV, but still get a manual licence. This change was in response to the decline in manual trucks on the road. The majority of new trucks are now automatic, meaning the chance of you ever having to drive one is much lower. The benefit of training in a manual vehicle is that you’ll be prepared if you do come across one in future. The choice though, is yours. The licence you get is the same, regardless of training vehicle.

Myth 5: I won’t be able to find a job with no experience

While it’s true that many companies won’t take new drivers with no experience, these days more and more companies are seeing the benefit of employing recently qualified drivers. New drivers are very cautious, take their time and are less likely to take silly risks. They tend to listen carefully to what’s being asked of them, and they don’t come with pre-existing ideas of how things should be done. These are all reasons that companies may now overlook a lack of experience, which is great news! All you need is a CV, and start making some calls or even go and visit some companies. You could also download and register with Avail, which is an app designed to help drivers find work. Click here to find out more about Avail.

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