HGV Training Prices

HGV Training Prices

This guide will help you understand HGV training prices so you know what to look for when booking. There’s a few stages involved with getting your HGV licence and it’s useful to know how much each part should cost so you know you’re not getting caught out.

HGV training prices breakdown

  • Driver Medical £50-£150
  • Theory tests £60*
  • Driving C0urse £800-£1920
  • Driver CPC Module 4 (Initial CPC) ** £150-£300
  • Driver CPC 35 hours (Periodic Training) ** £150-£500
  • Digital tachograph card £32

* £37 if doing periodic training (see below)
** To get your HGV licence you will need to do either Module 4 or 35 hours periodic training.

Useful tips when getting HGV training prices

  • Don’t always look at the cheapest option
  • Shop around for HGV training prices, at least three local companies if possible
  • Don’t sign up over the phone, visit the company before you pay ANY money.
  • Arrange an assessment drive to see how many hours training you’ll need
  • Search for local training providers here on trainingmentor.co.uk

Click here to find out much more about the cost of HGV training and what each stage involves

Things to be wary of

  • Short courses

    Some training providers may try to condense your training course into less time, with longer days. Try to spread your training over at least 4 days if possible. This helps with retaining the new information.

  • Test location

    Find out where your test will be. Are you going to be training on familiar roads, or near the test centre?

  • Pass rates

    Don’t take claimed pass rates at face value. These have been a contentious issue in the industry for many years, and it’s very hard to know whats real and what’s not.

  • Not booking directly

    Make sure you book with a local training provider. Don’t sign up for any course over the phone without first visiting the training provider.

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