How much does HGV training cost in 2023?

If you’re considering becoming an HGV driver in 2023, you may have already discovered the minefield of information available on the internet about the subject. As the industry’s impartial advice provider, one of the most common questions we get asked is: “how much does HGV training cost?” In general, HGV training courses cost between £1000 and £3000 approximately. This price varies greatly depending on your specific needs and requirements. With changes to test requirements last year, you can now go straight to driving an articulated (C+E) vehicle when you hold a car licence only. This course is the direct but more expensive route to C+E, which can cost up to £3000.

We’ve put together this article to help you understand the costs involved with getting your HGV licence in 2023 and clear up a few myths too. We’ve divided the information into sections for each part of the process. It is important to remember that training schools will help you through this process. Sometimes the below items will be included in a package deal.

HGV Training Costs

  • Driver medical

    The price of an HGV driver medical varies, with some doctors charging up to £150. However, you can find specialist driver medical providers who will offer the same service for around £50.
    Total £50-£100

Theory tests

In order to gain a Category C HGV licence (previously known as a Class 2) and become a professional driver, you’ll need to take three theory tests.

  • Multiple choice (Part 1a) £26
  • Hazard perception (Part 1b) £11
  • Case studies (Part 2) £23
    Total £60

These fees are set by the Government (DVSA) and you should never pay more than this. You’ll also need some study material. This can vary in cost depending on what you use. Options available include DVDs, books and online learning packages. For more about preparing for your theory tests, click here.

Article: Preparing for HGV training

  • Practical training

    This is where it really pays to shop around. Prices for practical driver training vary depending on provider and your needs. Not everyone will require the same amount of hours. Try to arrange an assessment drive with a local training school to work out how much training you’ll need. You can search for training providers in your area to get quotes by clicking here.

    Before you book any training we strongly recommend you read the following article to ensure you don’t get caught out.

    On average, HGV training courses cost around £50-£100 per hour, with most courses for a single category being between 16-24 hours. If you are looking to go straight to C+E, expect to train for up to 10 days. As we said, shop around. Don’t take the first offer and if the salesperson is being pushy, walk away.

    Total £1000-£3000

  • Driver CPC

    To complete the process of getting your HGV licence, you’ll need to pass a Practical Demonstration test, or Module 4 test. The test fee is £55, but you’ll also need training to prepare, and a vehicle for the test. If you passed your car test before January 1997, you will be able to skip the test and undertake 35 hours of classroom training instead. Much like driver training, the cost of the Module 4 and classroom courses vary between providers.

    Total £100-£450

  • Digital tachograph card – £32

    In order to drive a modern HGV, you’ll need a tachograph card, which is used to record your driving, working and rest hours. You can apply for this by completing a D777B/DL form, click here to download one.

HGV Training Costs

  • Driver medical £50-£150
  • Multiple choice (Part 1a) £26
  • Hazard perception (Part 1b) £11
  • Case studies (Part 2) £23
  • Practical training £1000-£3000
  • Module 4 Test £55
  • CPC Training £100-£450
  • Digital tachograph card £32

A few useful things to remember

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