What should your Driver CPC cost?

When we’re asked the question “What should my Driver CPC cost?”, the first response is always: “it depends on which type of Driver CPC you need.”

Are you a new HGV/PCV driver, or have you held your licence for a number of years? If you’re a new driver, when did you pass your car test? All these questions are important in understanding which type of Driver CPC training you require. In this article we’ll explain the two main types of Driver CPC and give you an estimate on what they might cost.

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Periodic Driver CPC Training

This type of Driver CPC must be completed every 5 years in order to renew your Driver Qualification Card (DQC). This type of training is usually completed in 7 hour blocks to make a total of 35 hours (5 x 7 hours = 35). Some training providers offer 3.5 hour courses which can be done in pairs to make up one 7 hour block. This type of Driver CPC training does not usually require a test to be passed, as the requirement to gain the qualification is attendance only.

When checking the cost of periodic Driver CPC training, make sure to check if the ‘upload fee’ is included. When you take a periodic CPC course there is a charge to add your hours to your CPC profile which the school has to pay.

Many of these courses are classroom based. Others involve a range of other activities such as cycling and operating machinery, although these may cost more. You may even be able to gain another qualification in the process. Some examples of this type of course are ADR (Dangerous Goods) and HIAB (Lorry Mounted Crane). If taking one of these courses always double check that you will be able to claim CPC hours for the course.

Periodic Driver CPC cost

Periodic training courses vary in subject, difficulty and location, therefore it is difficult to say exactly what should Driver CPC cost. However, prices can range from around £40 – £90 per 7 hours for a standard classroom course, and specialist courses such as ADR may cost considerably more. Consider shopping around for a good deal.

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IMPORTANT: When checking the cost of periodic Driver CPC training, make sure to check if the ‘upload fee’ is included. When you take a periodic CPC course there is a charge to add your hours to your CPC profile which the school has to pay. Always check if this has been included in the price. Do the same for VAT, as hidden costs can suddenly increase your price.

Initial Driver CPC Training

The Initial Driver CPC was designed as a ‘one-off’ entry route for new drivers to get their first DQC and subsequently avoid having to take 35 hours of periodic training when getting their HGV or PCV licence. The content of the Initial Driver CPC is designed for new drivers, meaning it covers a lot of basic subjects such as securing loads and dealing with emergencies.

Usually, you will complete Initial Driver CPC training as part of the process of getting your licence and it involves taking two additional tests on top of your usual theory and practical driving tests.

Case Studies Theory Test (Part 2)

You can take this test at the same time as your driving theory test. You will be given 7 case studies to work through on a computer. The case studies are short stories describing situations that you may come across in your working life. You’ll be asked 6-8 multiple-choice questions on each case study. The pass mark is 40 out of 50 and you’ll have 75 minutes to complete the test.

You can study for this test using a range of options. Check out our article on the best HGV theory software and apps by clicking here.


  • Test Fee: £23
  • Revision material: varies

IMPORTANT: Many training schools include the Part 2 Case Studies test and revision software in their licence packages, so check with your local providers to see which deal works best for you.

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Practical Demonstration Test (Part 4)

This test will assess your ability to

  • load the vehicle following safety rules and to keep it secure
  • stop trafficking in illegal immigrants
  • assess emergency situations
  • reduce physical risks to yourself or others
  • do a walkaround vehicle safety check

The test is made up of 5 topics from the Driver CPC syllabus.

You can score up to 20 points for each topic. To pass you have to score at least 15 out of 20 in each topic area and have an overall score of at least 80 out of 100.


  • Test Fee: £55
  • Training course: varies

Training courses for Part 4 vary in cost depending on the school and some will include the training within the driving course, so we recommend you get a few quotes from local schools to ensure you get the best deal.

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